A Famous Swaddle – The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

Before giving the birth, an expecting mom should prepare everything, including the feeding bottle, the high quality of nipples, effective baby bibs……the last, a comfortable swaddle is also contained. Ok, today let’s share a different swaddle–the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle.

A Famous Swaddle – The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle is available in different fabric, including pure cotton, 100 percent organic cotton, micro fleeces and chenille. According to your baby “hot degree” and what season your baby is in, you can choose the best fabric swaddle freely. My son is a sweat boy, I choose a pure cotton. It’s soft and comfortable with a pink edge. Dotted with a couple of tags, it is really cute as well.

A Famous Swaddle – The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

Compared with other swaddles, the Halo improved the diaadvantages and created the new showing–the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. It has taken the best parts of both swaddling and a sleep sack. It accepts your baby to be wrapped in a way that keeps her arms swaddled but permits her legs to move freely. The baby who often breaks out of and makes the swaddle loose really needed this sleep sack. What’s more, the baby who likes sweating during the hot summer also needs the sleep sack, too. There are two wings in the right and left sides, who offer help to tight your baby up. They really seem like wings of an angel to protect your baby. I like the design very much.

My baby can slept well with his arms all swaddled up and his legs moving around the swaddle, therefore, I and my husband have a sound sleep every night. When I see his legs keeping on kicking inside the swaddle, he seems like to practise to be a football player in his sleep after shouting for the AC milan’s soccer team! The hanger and brand fasteners are powerful enough to prevent his arms from popping out yet they can easily be adjusted well until you catch only the right fit.

If the baby never needs his arms wrapped up or for temporary rests, the Halo SleepSack Swaddle can be used in another way—arms-out. This choice is particularly significant for those babies who just need some extra warmth in the hot area during the cooler months to stop holding colds.

Considering the health bonus, the $30 price is ok in comparasion to many other sleep sacks.

It’s my real life, and my real experience. You’d better take my review into consideration. Of course, good reviews are everywhere.
My roommate highly recommended the swaddle to me, though I had used it for several years. She said she didn’t need to wake up to make sure her baby’s arms were wrapped up in the night. She either didn’t have to worry his legs could not move around. And she added, the swaddle was super soft and comfortable. It absorbed the sweat quickly and can be easily washed. Great price at its value.