Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover, a must-have for shopping

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

The grocery store is a dull place. When you take into account that the shopping carts are most likely never cleaned, it is obvious and importamt for you to buy a shopping cart cover for your toddler. Most parents are willing to spend certain money to keep their child away from germs and bacteria that can cause illness as nobody wants their child to become sick. Maintaining your baby comfy and clean when out of the house can be tough. If you’re caught without the right set of essentials it can be near enough impossible.

That’s why the Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover comes in. Designed to fit almost all shopping carts and restaurant high chairs, this is an excellent cover to help protect your little one from germs and dirt. It includes a teether and loop to keep your baby occupied when running errands, whilst the sippy cup strap offers maximum convenience when out and about with the stroller. When not in use it then folds into its own pouch, helping to keep it clean and ready for the next time. If you dream of getting more mobile with your baby then this is the product for you.

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover, a must-have for shopping

Key features
1.Credited as the most popular one of the year, the Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover provides plenty of protection with not only shopping carts, but with highchairs and strollers too.
2. Made out of 100% polyester fiber, it’s soft and cozy to allow comfortable use for hours of continuous use without fussing.
3. Compact and sized to store easily. It comes included with a handy tote bag that the cover can be folded into so you can take it with you wherever you go.
4. Integrated toy loops enable parents to attach their child’s favorite toys so they won’t be dropped on the dirty ground.
5. Since it has a sippy cup strap, snack pouch, and a pocket for other accessories, you can expect several useful features built into one unit.
6. Very affordable. Costs no more than $20.

I recently purchased this shopping cart cover for my little one and it does the job perfectly! We had originally purchased an Eddie Bauer brand cover from Target that we absolutely loved because it had the straps that went over the baby’s shoulders and connected at the chest- perfect for little ones who are still learning to sit up. As my son got older, I decided to purchase this one since you could strap them in around the waist. I really like this cover because of the simple fact that it actually fully covers the shopping cart. For convenience, it also comes with a sippy cup strap and the back of the cover has an open section for mom! For the price, it is completely worth it! Highly informed!